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Standard-Websites & Special projects

Every website is unique because it is called to synthesize through graphics, texts, images, and more, all the elements that distinguish the company, business idea or initiative for which the website is being created. Today most communication professionals agree that the website is the backbone communication tool for a company. If a company succeeds in obtaining a website that is truly representative of its goals, structure, style and achievements, the creation of all additional communication tools (brochures, stationary, advertisements…) is greatly facilitated.

At B Easy, we are aware that creating a website is a very demanding project not only for the agency, but also for the client, who is inevitably called to make numerous decisions and provide large amounts of content. This is why we have identified technological solutions and a specific work-flow that allows the whole process to be easy on everyone.

Over recent years we have seen that most client requests are recurrent and may benefit from similar well developed solutions that can then be customized to fit the specific needs of each client. WordPress over the years has been the technology of choice for the majority of our websites given it’s exceptional cost-performance ratio. Recently it has reached great popularity and diffusion, this is not surprising considering the high quality and flexibility of the platform, which allows for a more reliable and log lasting website.

Though it is impossible to provide a ball-park figure for “special web projects”, such as those involving very large amounts of data or simultaneous connections, and the integration with existing systems or very specific and uncommon functions, many web projects fall into the “standard” category. The price-tag on these “standard” websites typically ranges from 3.000 to 5.000 Euro and usually can be executed in 4 to 6 weeks. For the less common sites, or as we call them, “special web projects”,  of  our web division can identify ad-hoc solutions and accompany the client throughout the various stages of the project.

By working with an array of different clients we are often asked to build small sites with limited budgets: 1500-2500 Euro. Sometimes these sites are temporary, event specific, or designed to support a new project. Other times we provide this product to start-ups. Whatever the case may be, we need to create a quality site that can deliver the right kind of image, that can be easily updated by the client and that can help the client communicate with its public effectively. This is another example of how B Easy will scale up or down according to the various needs of clients.

Newsletters & more
Over the course of 15 years our web division has been called to address a lot of web needs that are not directly connected to websites. Some of the most common, which are rapidly growing in frequency, are client-company communications needs like “newsletters”, “online registrations”,…  These needs are sometimes less complicate and costly than one thinks and also open up to unprecedented opportunities for companies to shorten the distance between them and their client base.

Call us and share with us your need. We can help you meet your goal!

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