B Easy, publisher of Easy Milano, is a Milan based communication agency with a fully bilingual staff that has been operating in the communication sector for over 15 years, often working continuously alongside its clients and suppliers for many years. Why? Because working with people you know and trust makes jobs easy, efficient and pleasant.

Our favorite projects and areas of greater expertise are:

  • Creativity and design applied to logo creation, printed products and web design.
  • Branding and better yet, re-branding
  • Layout of advertisements, posters & flyers, folders, brochures and calendars.
  • Printing of brochures, catalogs and promotional materials.
  • Marketing Desk Service, which consists in providing regular clients with a light, yet steady ongoing support in managing, evaluating, selecting, overseeing and archiving of all, or most communication initiatives.
  • Development of custom websites, with particular focus on the front-end design and the user ease in site navigation.

We have also assisted a number of our clients in below the line projects like commercial and institutional events, composite marketing operations and inward marketing.

Some samples of our work include:

Logos Events Publications